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Why eClientPayments?

Because more businesses are offering client or customer payment plans than ever before. The process can be managed efficiently and securely for everyone involved through the convenience of this effective online service.

How do we make that possible?

  • Management arranges payment plans that are often based on individual client requirements. Using eClientPayments allows staff to quickly and easily create custom payment plans with individual terms and amounts, then email unique URL links directly to the client for payment. Because payment plans are automatic, they are always received on time. If your clients need to enter payment amount from a statement, we have an option for this, too!
  • Clients receive a unique custom payment plan tailored for their individual financial requirements. Processed through PayPal secure transactions, payment can be made using PayPal, all major credit or bank debit cards. A PayPal account is not required. Each payment plan is set up to automatically debit the chosen payment method each month, so clients make one initial entry and never have to remember to make another payment. clients paying from a statement, enter the amount to be paid.
  • Business Owners can rest assured that client payment plans are managed efficiently with auto-recurring charges that collect payments on time. Administrative reports provide instant knowledge of payments received and account histories for accounting purposes which can be accessed from remote locations. eClientPayments can make the decision to assist clients one that works for all parties involved.

What businesses benefit?

Any business that accepts payments from clients. The beauty of this service is the simplicity and ease of use that make it a genuine benefit at a very reasonable cost. Most people today are in the habit of making regular online payments to meet financial obligations. The convenience has proven to be the number one factor driving this habit, and on-time payments are the results for those providing the service. Don't let your business suffer by continuing to offer archaic methods of payment that take up the valuable time of both your staff and your clients.

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Click link, enter payment info.

Initiating a payment plan is fast, easy and FREE for clients. clients receiving custom payment plans establish their account password, then enter their payment information only once. A PayPal account is NOT required and, since payment plans are recurring for a set number of billing cycles, your client does not have to remember to make a payment after initiating the plan. clients paying-on-account simply enter their account number and payment amount for quick, convenient remittance from monthly statements you issue.

Account hosting.

eClientPayment service is available to any business, regardless of whether your company has an existing website, or if you have no website at all. We host the web service for you. Hosted service accounts are issued a unique subdomain name associated with and linked to your own website. You and your staff will have total control of, and access to, your client data and admin panel, as if it were installed on your own web host server.

Access to your funds.

Payments received by clients through your service are deposited directly to your Business PayPal account and may be transferred to your business bank account at your discretion. Transaction fees are automatically deducted from each payment by PayPal, and are comparable to other merchant payment gateways. staff has no access to your PayPal account.

Look and feel.

eClientPayment webpages and payment forms are customized to match the "look and feel" of your own website. Graphic elements, navigation to main site pages, and color scheme will be duplicated to seamlessly incorporate online client payment services. Our graphic staff will obtain these elements from your existing website, or they can be conveniently uploaded from your "Account Profile" page.

The security.

Security is a necessary part of every online payment transaction. PayPal helps you with this challenging task by providing a payment system that comes with built-in fraud-prevention measures to help minimize loss – all at no additional cost. PayPal is one of the few financial institutions that provides fraud experts. When suspicious activity occurs, PayPal will alert you by email or phone. Your online client payment entry is protected with the strongest SSL encryption available.


Protection you can trust.

You can also count on PayPal’s data encryption to help keep transaction and financial information secure.

  • Antifraud risk models. Proprietary antifraud risk models and fraud-detection techniques help detect and predict fraud – before it affects your business. PayPal’s industry-leading use of data encryption helps ensure your transactions are secure.
  • Safeguarding financial information. Buyers’ financial information is not shared with sellers, so your customers feel more secure and confident buying from you. Industry-recognized Address Verification Service and card security codes help prevent credit card fraud. Proprietary bank account verification helps reduce fraud by asking buyers and sellers to verify their bank and credit card accounts.
  • The server.

    We host your payment account using a dedicated server configuration designed for the power users, webhosting providers, dedicated resellers, and more. These servers have power, speed and bandwidth behind them. Our dedicated server is backed up every 24-hours, and all databases are backed up every 12-hours. This backup procedure ensures that your data is safe, with 100% guaranteed restoration in the unlikely event something happens to the server hardware. No sensitive client data is stored in your online files and you have no access to client payment data, which is protected by PayPal SSL technology.

    Two Payment Options.

    Your business may choose to offer "Payment Plans" with set amounts and billing cycles; or "Payments on Account" for client-entered payment amounts from a statement; or both options.

    • Live Demo #1. Click to open a sample of eClientPayment as experienced by a client receiving a unique URL to initiate a payment plan with a recurring amount for a specific length of time.
    • Register. Begin by choosing and entering a password. The system will lift the client's email address used during the secure payment transaction. This eliminates any entry errors that would prevent auto-recurring charges to the payment method account data.
    • Billing Options Clients may find it more convenient to budget payments weekly or monthly, given individual circumstances. Your business can enter billing options that give clients the choice of payment frequency. The amount collected is the same with all options, but the frequency and amount per payment can be optional. Since payment is automatic, offering these options places no additional time demands for collection on office staff.
    • Okay next… Once a password is entered and billing option (if offered) is selected, the client clicks to move to the next screen containing a preview of the payment plan terms.
    • Review Order This screen summarizes the payment plan, detailing the terms agreed upon by your business and the client. One click to initiate the payment plan takes the client to PayPal where secure payment data is entered.
    • Client Account Profile Once payment transaction is complete, clients are returned to the Log In page. They can now log into their account and check transaction history for their payment plan. If you entered a demo payment, log in with your own username email and password. If not, feel free to log in using "" and the password "demo123" to test the system.
    • Live Demo #2. Click to open a sample of client payment on account. This option exists to allow payment from monthly statments with amount entered by the client.

    Administrative Control Panel.

    Accessing client payment records could not be easier for your staff! We've included "help boxes" that contain tips for administering records and setting up payment plans to get started. Help boxes can be disabled once staff is familiar with the simple admin panel functions.

    admin tools

    Live Admin Panel Demo.

    Click the screenshot below for a live demo of the administrative control panel.

    See how easy it is for staff to access, add, edit or delete online client payment plans. Convenient reports provide historical payment information instantly.

    Log In and Look Around.

    Log in for the demo is USERNAME = demo_admin; PASSWORD = demo123. Feel free to make entries, create payment plans, and email yourself as you would a client! If you wish, send a "payment on account" using your own payment method and enter $0.01 for the amount.

    These are live, fully functional demos and we invite you to give them a test drive! Entries you make are deleted from the database periodically.


    • Preview screenshot #1
    • Preview screenshot #1

    An affordable asset.

    The popularity of online bill payment continues to increase in every industry. Providing this secure service free to your clients will make their experience with your business more convienent, and ensure that payments are received on time in an effecient manner. It's that simple. The ability to customize a payment plan, as well as offer client-entry of amounts paid-on-account, will promote faster payment, improved cash flow, and reduced billing and collection costs - accomplished with less effort and paperwork. Offer online payment convenience to your clients and harness the power of the Internet for your business.

    web server options

    We offer customization.

    There is a one-time fee to install and configure eClientPayments on our server for your account. This includes configuration to match the "look and feel" of your existing website. Once installed, customized and fully operational - that's it. No hidden costs or fees. Your staff will be fully instructed by our webmaster on use and set up of payment plans, with (5) hours of phone/email support included. But seriously, we don't think more than 30 minutes (tops) will be required!

    Your data will be hosted on our dedicated server and backed up every 12 hours with 100% guaranteed restoration in the event of loss for any reason. A link from your website to a custom directory name where your online client service resides will be established. For example, or

    Compute your cost.

    The introductory one-time installation fee is only $395 for eClientPayment with your choice of the PAYMENT PLANS or PAYMENT ON ACCOUNT functionality, or $495 for both. A hosting fee of $19.95 per month is payable one year in advance. Manage your client payment plans easily and inexpensively, with the confidence of knowing payments will be received on time, by offering a service that is convenient and appreciated by your clients.

    How do you start offering this new service?

    Easy. Just EMAIL us using the form below. We will contact you to address any questions or schedule installation. If you know what you want, you can just order now and your online payment service will be up and running quickly and painlessly!

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    We simply require information about your business for account setup, and your primary PayPal email address to direct payments to your account. Having a website for your business is NOT required for offering our services to your clients. A business PayPal account is all that is required.

    Delivery Time

    Once eClientPayment service is ordered and payment received, normal launch time for review and approval takes one to two weeks, depending on our current development schedule. You and your staff will have an opportunity to test drive, and make any necessary changes before links from your website are made active. Once the configuration is completely approved, your new eClientPayment service will go "live" immediately.

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